Sunday, November 18, 2012

Make a Wish

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
I decided to share my resent Toe nail art.
So for any of you who get freaked out by feet than this post isn't for you.



 I used Mash special Black Stamping Polish and 
Mash 30 & 39
I also used Mash UV Light to dry my Regular Nail Polish.

I love painting my toes and making them look pretty.
 Polished toes last so much longer.
 And having the 4 smaller toes makes those smaller
full nail images more useful. And than just make your big toe as the accent Nail.

Are you a toe polish kinda Gal?

Thank you for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. Yes, I am a toe polisher, and yours are awesome!

    1. Thank You lovenailpolish..I spend alot of grooming time when I do Pedi's.
      I'm glad I've found another Toe polisher :)

  2. Yes! Toe polish all the way! I can't stand it. And, at the risk of sounding creepy, you have the most beautiful toes and toenails! That sounds creepy no matter how I say it. Sorry!

  3. L.O.L. Melissa.. Thank You. And its not creepy. So don't be sorry :)