Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gangnam Style Mani

Hello Nail Surfers 

Welcome to My Beach

I am now part of Born Pretty Store I have the fun part tho.
I get to do what I Love to do. Paint and art Nails.
I like everything all girly..
Have you ever shopped here before?
I have years ago and Wow they have really grown since then.
They have over 90 pages of just Nail Products. 
It's crazy Good -oh My Gosh I want I need kinda of crazy.
Oh I have to share this.. I saw a Nail Polish Bottle phone case.
No kidding. 
They have tons of different products here.
Rings,necklaces, bracelets, Hair accessories,
There's tons of different Electronic cases.
I even saw doggie 

Shipping was fast!. It took 2 weeks. And it's FREE shipping.
You do "Not" need to spend X amount of money to qualify for this free shipping.


This is  QA 52
They stamped amazing. No flaws! I was really impressed. The quality is great.
Here's all the images on this plate. 
Again no flaws. It's etched perfectly. No struggles!
These are the items I received in 2 weeks of placing my order.
 And if you want to save money.. Use Coupon Code HANG10
and you will get 10% off your order.

So after hearing of all the goodies that  Born Pretty Store sells
are you going to check them out?
With  Fast Free  Shipping ,Reasonable Prices and 10% off your order.
How can you go wrong?
(use Code HANG10 to save)
There Price are "Extremely Cheap" 
I so wanna get more stuff.. They have water  nail decals and Nail Foils and
Oh So Many different gems. Many kinds of gems.And they even have nail spikes too..

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


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    1. Thank You ManisbyMoore.
      Have you ever shopped at Born Pretty before?
      They really have some killer stuff their. :)