Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY your own Texture Polish

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As promised this post is about how you can make your own texture polish.

It all started with this particular nail image from My Online Shop
I kept seeing others post pics with China Glaze texture or Sally Hansen Sugar Coated Polishes.
Now to be honest I am not willing to pay $6-$8 a bottle for something that is just trending. Like crackles came and went. Now these styles do have it's time and place but at that price I'd
 have to absolutely love it or get it on clearance with a coupon before I own any.

Now like most things in life there's fads.Some come and go and others stay away.
But in Nail World art is different. 
These products really have no rules.
On your rhinestone wheel does it say only apply 1 and don't mix and match?
Nope. So we already act outside the recommended directions.

 SURFS UP.....

So Cheesy!
The first picture is Velvet Dust. aka Flocking Powder

Oh and if you didn't know already "Yes" you can even stamp over Flocking Powder.
On the second picture I applied two coat of clear coat over the Flocking Powder.
Because the nail is so fluffy it sucks up the clear coat.
So you made need to add more depending on your liking.
 I already had the Velvet Dust and who doesn't have a clear coat handy..
I used cheap clear coat on this Mani.

If you Google Images  Orange Texture Polish you will see photo's of 
swatches that look the same as here..
I will post other's photo's unless they permit me to.

 This is the Velvet Dust I have from Mash Nails

You can purchase this plate at--My Online Shop
MJ 14 In real Life.
Oh and of course I stamped in my  "Trusty" Black Polish

Are you a big fan of the texture polishes?
Do you have any Flocking powder or Velvet Dust just laying around?
You can find flocking powder at your local craft store.
I have a kit and it was on clearance for 2-3 dollars :)
But you didn't hear that from me..heheehe

Thank you for surfing My wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach..

Stay Tuned in.. I have Big News to Share Soon! :)


  1. I'm going to try it, but I only have pink flocking powder left... It was a trend that didnt stick with me for too long! Big news?! I'm all ears!

    1. Amalia I can't wait to see your New pink Texture Mani..

      News is coming soon.. I still have some loose ends to tie up :)

  2. I'm interested in buying the plate but the link to ur form doesn't seem to be working :(

    1. GeeUhhMareeUhh Did you get it to open yet for you?
      I just tried and it worked for me..

      After the page opens scroll down and you will see all the plates :)