Thursday, August 22, 2013

MoYou London Review

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

So much to share with you.
Lots of new plates and products are coming out.
I had the honor to review 3 of  Mo You London Plates.
These plates are very Unique and Different.
She has Many new Collections.
So please be careful when you place your order.
These Plates go by Collection name than followed by the plate number.
I'll post her latest Collections here soon.
She is still adding and amazing us all with more Collections still.



Each Plate comes in it's own wrapper.
There is a Sturdy Plastic backing on all these plates.
These plates do come with a protective on them.
These plates are 6.5cm by 12.5cm
Comparing from MJ Series and Bundle Monster 3rd Set
Above is Collection "Back To The 80's #01
"Back To The 80's Collection #01
"Back To The 80's Collection #01

Above is Pro Collection #06

Above is "Sailor Collection "#01
Above is "Sailor Collection "#01
Above is "Sailor Collection "#01

These Plates run About $7.79 each. But Right Now If you use Coupon Code
LISA&MEL30 (All Caps) You will save 30% 
Which really makes the price drop.

If you really like these but was wondering on  the quality you have no fears here.
 Flawless Stamping.. No errors. These are etched Perfectly!
 I used Sailor 01

So what do you think of these so far?
 There's many more of these Collection Sets.
If you have a FB acct. and would like to see more of these now
Check out MoYou FB
To place any orders you must go to MoYou Co UK
you can also view her plates here as well.. 
Just remember you can Save 30% off by using code
LISA&MEL30   (All Caps)
Shipping to the United States was extremely fast.

Thank you for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. Those are awesome! I ordered a bunch but haven't got a few yet...

    1. I so need the whole Collections to feel
      I am very impressed with these plates. And she said More are still coming... OMG!!! what is a girl to do?

  2. Opps, the code did not work... Why??? :(