Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 Bundle Monster Create Your Own "Nail Stamping Collection" :Review

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Tonight I have the full details on Bundle Monster's Latest Collection.
This collection has 26 plates.
Right now it's $16.50 a Set.
When you purchase this set from Bundle Monster you can save 10%
by using code- Thanks
and in the USA they offer Free Shipping.

****HIGH TIDE**** 


Thie package is reclosable.

26 plates in total.

Each Plate has a blue film/sticker that needs to be removed.
All the plates have backings that stay on.
This is there to protect us from the sharp edges.

The Full Nail images are roughly 1.5 cm long
Which is the same as there Holiday Set and the 3rd set.

Full Nail roughly over 1 cm wide.
almost 1.5cm

And now the Zoomed Swatches.

This set has multiple tricky images to stamp.
Many images are engrave alot like BM420 or BM419. Images that need to be scrap very lightly
and at a just right angle. Other images you must be aware of the directions of lines in the image and stamp in the same direction. Again very carefully and lightly.
This is why I feel that this set is not a good beginners set.
Many tricks that most of you may already  know but others do not.
A few images just didn't stamp that great.
But I do know Bundle Monster has the Best Customer Service and 
will take care of these few images for me.

Now in all honestly I am a hard reviewer.
I pick apart the plates and check for details or lack of details.
Or any other possible issues.

This Collection is a Great Collection to own.
I can't believe that Bundle Monster has 5 Collections in total
plus 1 Special edition Hawaiian Christmas Plate.
I keep all my Bundle Monster Sets in their Binders that they sell.
I have had my first one now for over 1yr and and it still looks brand new.
If you don't have one yet Grab it with your new set and 
*Don't forget that coupon code*
Save yourself 10% 

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.