Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nailways Stamping Plates Review

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

This week I had received my very first Nailways  Plates.
Customer Service was Outstanding and the Shipping was Extremely Fast.
I have lots and lots of pictures to share with you.
But first I must say I really love how this Company not only shows
you some samples but they are sent to you on a card..

***** WARNING*****
****HIGH TIDE****


Here are the 4 plates in the Spring Time Collection

"Love is in the Air"
 These sample can be very Handy.
 And if you want to see what each image is, they supply that picture as well.
 And above is the actual plate in real life.


"Eastern Bunny"

"Happy Birthday"

 Height of full nail image.
 Width of full nail image.
Height of actual plate.

Width of actual plate.

 Each plate comes with a backing.

"Swatch Time"
"Eastern Bunny"

"Love is in the Air"


"Happy Birthday"

Below are some more images that I stamped randomly.

And Waloa!
I used the "Love is in the Air" plate.
# A-NW00007

These plates work amazingly.
I have never owned or used Nailways Plates before.
This is my very first Mani with them as well. :)
I really like how they include those picture cards for each plate.
And that most of the images have mirror images as well.
I would defiantly like to add more Nailways Plates to my collection.
They have more plates to choose from too. 
Oh and they also sell other brands as well.

Do you own any Nailways Plates?
Which Plate is your Favorite?

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. Cute got those plates
    Gonna take the dust of it and use them

  2. I love those! How much was shipping? I can't figure it out from their website.

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  3. so cute. I've been wanting to review more plates but can't get ahold of any more recently. I haven't tried any of this brand yet. THere's so many now, there's no way I can afford to get them all! Not to mention I really dont' think I NEED any more so can't justify spending more money on them. your'e lucky you can afford them! I'd love to review more on my blog and get the word out about others than the main larger companies.