Wednesday, February 5, 2014

JR Plate Review

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Have you heard of MyOnline Shop?
She has a collection called MJ Series and just released a New Collection 
 called JR Plates .
There's 30 plates total so far in this series.
She has them in sets of 5 for $30.00 USD 
She was so kind and decide to offer individual sales as well. 

I have lots of photos and swatches and a Mani already to share.

****HIGH TIDE****


True Love
Harry Potter images and Books.. 
Check out the 4th image down on the right.
It says.. I wanna do bad things to you...hehehe
 Mickey Mouse
 A Collision of Times
 Ancient Artifacts 
 Eye Test
 Lets go to the Circus.
 Christmas Fun
 So many cuties here..
 Everyone's Favorite.. Birds and Owls.
 I am a skull girl too.. And these are amazing skulls.
 Ahoy Matey 
 Flower Fields 
 Tribal Zone
 Christmas Joy
 The Race is On.
 Abstracts, Bunny and The Cheese Head Guy.
 Oriental Style
 Beware of Nightmare.. Zoombies
 Swirly Girly 
 Aquarium  View
 Lover's Corner
 Cartoon Attack 
 It's Minnie Mouse 
 Geometrics and Buttons 
 Night out on the Town
Motion in the Ocean.

I edited these photo's so you could see the images with glare.
I  also had some fun and added my own little nick names to each of these plates.
Now for the swatches.

 For best results it's always best to give your new plates a quick wipe down with acetone.
I used regular plain polish for swatching.
Wet`n`Wild Red
I also used an old gift card as a scrapper and a squishy stamper.

I was extremely impressed with this series of plates.
The JR Collection does offer a large variety of different styles of art.

Oh I almost forgot. I got more pics still....
 These plates do have backings.
 Height is just over 2 cm
Width is a little over 1.5 cm
These images are great for small and large nails.
The plates are 4.75 Inches Long by 2.7 Inches Wide.

Tribal Zone
 I used jr3 

The Lost Soul Mani.
I used jr14.
I called it the lost soul because I stamped over a clear base.

Wow.. Lots of pics huh?.
I'm sorry for the Tidal Wave.
But if your like me, then seeing is believing.
The images are all etched perfectly.
They stamped flawless. Any errors in my swatches is
user error. I did all these swatches in one shot.

What are your thoughts about this new style of plates that 
MyOnline Shop has released?
Do you prefer her larger plates or this size?
Do you like the image selections?

Thank You for surfing my massive wave today.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. Love these. The book plate is cute and of course I love the flowers. Lol.

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)