Saturday, April 26, 2014

Graffiti Fun

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Tonight I'll be sharing my Graffiti Mani.

I've been down with Sinus issues lately.
I will be doing a Video review on the products that I used for this Mani.
But first I need to get my voice back so you can hear me :)


 I originally had these with a gloss, but there was far to much glare.

I used 2 coats of  Funky Fingers Black
and only 1 thin coat of Funky Fingers White 
on my middle and ring finger.

I used  "Nail Sticker" aka Water Decals from  Born Pretty Store .
I also added some textured metal studs also from Born Pretty Store

This particular product  can be a bit confusing.
The package says Nail Sticker
and the directions say nothing about water or this being a decal.

I took a rough measurement of my two fingers and cut the necessary amount.
I dropped 1 at a time in the water. (I just used a shallow glass bowl)
after about 5-10 seconds I used tweezers and grabbed it out.
The Image will slid right of the paper with ease.
 (if yours does not, then put it back into the water for a little bit longer)  
This Decal is truly amazing. That white background you see is part of the decal.
I place the decal over over my 1 thin coat of white polish (as a Base) .
Now at this point I was a little worried..
 The image I cut  was a tad longer and wider than my nail.
I really was not sure how to approach this without messing up my Mani or nails.
There was no way I was going in with scissors to trim things up.
So I  used  my clean up brush and Acetone to tackle this one.
And WOW! I was amazed. It cleaned up perfectly.
I even took this review to the next level.
I  even applied Matte Polish right over the decal.
And again I was amazed by the results.
No smudging/smearing or dragging of image.
This Water Decal  took a beating and abuse and nothing could break it.
I Highly recommend these. 

If your thinking about placing an order with Born Pretty Store
used Coupon Code: HANG10
You'll save 10%
and don't forget... 
They have Free Shipping!!!

Thank You for Surfing My Wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach 


  1. Love it! Matte finish makes it even cooler!

  2. very cute! really liking those decals and how you used them!