Thursday, June 5, 2014

10.1 Polish "Icing Collection" Review

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

I have been given the opportunity to do a review on 
10.1 Polish "Icing Collection"
First I am going to share a statement form the store in regards to this collection.

It has been brought to my attention that some explanation in the difference between Icing and mixing regular polish into top coat might be needed. First off, Icing is of course 5 free for those of you that are wanting those polishes. Secondly, it is made in a suspension base, not a top coat. This ensures even distribution of color throughout the entire bottle. Finally, because it is made in a suspension base, there is no settling, the color remains mixed.

Above statement is straight from the 10.1 Polish Facebook Page.

There's 8 colors total in this collection.
~Cherry Blast
~Cantaloupe Catastrophe 
~Lemon Cupcake 
~Kiwi Delight
~Blueberry Blues
~Coconut Bliss 
~Black Licorice 
These are sheer and can be used in many different ways.
~You can use it as a base.
~You can put this ontop of your current polished nails and it'll change the tone of your Mani.
~You can stamp in White over a dark base and come back and color over it with out ruining your base.
(make sure you use a tc before you polish over your image)
~You can add a bunch of colors to one nail  as a base.

I have tried many of these ways already.
So are you ready to see a bunch of pictures?


One Coat with Top Coat

This is Two thin  Coat of "Coconut Bliss "over Natural Nail.
I stamped with SdP-V plate by Dashica Beauty Shop
This is One Coat of  "Black Licorice" ove Natural Nail.
I used CiCi&SiSi 03 for art.

Here I stamped in White and went over the image using "Cherry Blast"
Art is XXLH plate.

This is all of the colors from the collection, minus Black Licorice.

This is One Coat of "Black Licorice" over "Coach Ella"by Fresh Paint
I used Bunny Nails  BuNa-A plate and Matted the Mani.

I still want to play around with these over different color bases 
and see what new color I get.
These Indie Polishes have Multiple uses.
Just like cake" Icing" Possibilities can be endless.

Sorry to flood you all with so many pictures.
I have Many more Mani's to share.

I am really impressed with this Collection.
I like that I can use it in multiple ways and get a different look
in each Mani.

Thank You for surfing my wave today.
I know it was a big one and a long ride.
And I Thank You for Hanging 10  with me.

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