Thursday, June 19, 2014

Party in a Bottle Collection Review and Mani's

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

I have been given the honor to play and review the  "Party in a Bottle Collection"
by 10.1 Polish .
These Polishes are 5 free and apply smoothly and evenly.
I've have lots of pictures and some Mani's as well to share.
So lets get on this wave......


These Polishes are "Toppers" but can be used without a base too.
I always use a peel off base when ever I am using Glitter/Chunky Polishes.
Removal can be a pain without one.
There is a trick tho to speed up the removal time.
Soak either a cotton ball,small piece of paper towel, or which ever product you 
normally use to remove your polish..
What I do is load my cuticle and skin area with tons of oil/lotion etc.
Then apply your soak with acetone cotton ball on top of your nail.
Then wrap your finger tip with aluminium/ foil.
You can find foil sheets at Dollar Tree and just cut them into sections.
Leave this on your nail of about 5 minutes. 
Once time is up, check it out.
Try to wipe your nail clean, if it doesn't all come off then repeat the steps above.
On the Left side I applied 1 coat plus Top Coat over a plain nail.
On the Right side I applied 1 coat plus a Top Coat over a Black Base.

Top Left - 2 coats plus TC over Navy Blue.
Top Right - 2 coats plus TC over a Baby Blue.
Bottom Left - 2 coats plus TC over a Bright Purple.
Bottom Right - 2 coats plus TC over a light Beige .
** I really wanted to see how interchangeable  these toppers are.**

I used 2 thin coats plus a TC over a Black and White base.

"Paint Ball Anyone" Was my least favorite out of the 4.
I wanted the Challenge and decided to use this one.
It's truly amazing how different color bases can change your
opinion on a Polish.
I like this Topper now :) 
I used Dashica Beauty Shop "Infinity Nails" plate.

Have you ever had a Polish that you didn't like at first but then gave it a 
try and ended up liking?

Thank You for Surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. Both nail designs are perfect and you're a lucky girly that you could try these pretty polishes!