Friday, February 20, 2015

DIY Stamping Polish

Hello Nail Surfers
Welcome to My Beach
With so much to share still, I'm torn on where to even begin.
Lets start this off with some DIY Stamping Polishes.
Yes these will Show over a Black/Dark base.
Here I Mixed my Red and Yellow on the image to create
the orange color.
Alcohol Inks ad Tattoo Inks!
It's that Simple.
You can Alcohol Inks at your local craft store.
I get most of mine at Joann Fabrics
The Tattoo Ink was gifted to me. But it can be found at
I use these inks for a variety of mixed media's.
But will get to those later :).
By Creating my own I can now have custom colors at my finger tips.
After I had made the Video above I tried the Tattoo Inks
and they work Perfectly.
Now to finish any test I do, is Clean-up
I am so Happy that  71% Rubbing Alcohol will remove the extra.
I did recently test this on 91% and it seemed to remove the
extra a tad faster.
Now why and or how is this possible?
Well, honestly I am not 100% sure why really.
I think maybe because the Funky Fingers I start with for stamping polish
is 3Free. But I cant say that for sure.
It's much faster.
Another Good thing about this hack is
I can scrub as rough as I want and I will not ruin my base or remove the
image off my nail.
And Yes I can use tape, but I can only get so close
because some stamping polish may lift off my actual nail.
( I did a video on that 2 yrs ago)
Plus its 2015!
Time for some New Tips and Tricks
I used my DIY Green and Yellow
along with Bundle  Monsters New
Secret Garden Collection
BM702 & BM703

This Blue is a Bright Teal in person.
I used MY Online Shop MJXXXI plate for art.
I have made DIY Stamping Polish with Enamel Paints before.
But sometimes the Polish Base would react with the Enamel.
The Inks have not given me any issues or troubles.
It's been almost 1wk and the bottles are still perfect.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.
And Thank You for taking the time to come visit me :)