Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Beach Boy's Collection by Colores De Carol Review

Hello Nail Surfers
Welcome to My Beach
Today I will showing you a New Neon Collection.
Now this Collection is very different from others.
These polishes do not need Undies (a White Base)
And they are Extremely Bright and Very Bold.
Now the photo's your about to see are All Natural.
There is no extra lighting or special editing done to these.
And to be honest they were all taken with a phone camera.
This was taken on a day that I had a storm coming in.
And yet they Shine so Bold and Bright.
At the end of this post I talk about applications.

I used just 2 coats plus a top Coat  over my bare nail.
For art I used MyOnline Shop's XXI

I love that when I held a different color it brought out the colors.

I wanted to play with all of these at 1 time.
So I decided to do a splatter mani with 3 of them.
I used Messy Mansion 46 for art.

So of course as a stamper, I wanted to see if they work.

It's amazing how the colors changed once I stamped them over a Black Base.
Orange turned Yellow and Yellow turned
Here I used 3 colors to stamp with on each nail.
( I have a Video coming soon on this)

Look how Bold!
I stamped with Messy Mansion MM29
I used 3 coats of All Summer Long plus a Top Coat
for art I used MM48

I used just 2 coats of Sail on Sailor. Plus a Top Coat

I used JR16 by MyOnline Shop
I used just 2 coats of Fun Fun Fun plus a Top Coat.

I used Jumbo V Plate for art. Aka XL V
I stamped in Black first and then again in White.
Double/ Shadowing Stamping.
Wow! Good Vibrations is Really Bold and Bright!
I used 3 coats here plus a Top Coat.
I don't like my nail line showing, so that's why I did 3.
I used Messy Mansion MM48
Here we have a mix of 2 colors.
I used 2 coats of  I Get Around and added a few splashes of
Sail on Sailor. Yep.. It's Blue and yet it left me with Dark Green :)
Which is totally what I wanted.
I used Fun 3 by FabUr Nails for art
I am holding All Summer Long
This Mani is another one that shows  contrast when I hold a different color.
I am holding Surfin' USA
See here. The Pink shows a lot more here.
For this Mani I did start off with a White Base.
I added the colors randomly with a sponge.
I did just 2 coats of sponging the colors.
They dry Super Fast.
For art I use Messy Mansion MM49
Now truth be told here....
Application was slightly streaky. You'll see spots where it looks
like the polish didn't cover. FEAR NoT. Most of these covered my long nails in 2 coats.
These do dry Fast and dry  Semi-Matte.
After your final coat is dried, add your top coat of choice.
You will see that things level and even themselves right out.
This Collection is able to be used with No Undies.
But that doesn't mean you can't still use a White Base.
In fact if you use a base you may use less coats.
But keep in mind that most neon's that use a base still require 2 coats of polish,
and with the Beach Boys Collection No Base is Required.
I honestly feel that these Neon's are the Brightest and Boldest I have yet to see.
Now I did try to water marble with them.
It did not work out well. The Polish wouldn't spread.
But they do stamp :)
Most Neon's are always tricky  to apply.
If you use thin coats and don't go back over and over 1 nail while it's still wet,
application can be a breeze. Just remember that the Final Top Coat will smooth everything out.
And it doesn't have to be an expensive topcoat either. :)
I used Fresh Paints from 5Below.
best 3 for 5 deal!
Well I hope you all made it here til the end .
I am sorry if my wave of pics and Mani's was a bit much.
But I want you all to see these Beauties in action.
Again my pics are from a phone camera.
So you can image how much brighter and bolder they are in real life.
Thank You for surfing my wave. I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.
And return soon to see more Mani's and Amazing products.



  1. Thank you for this wonderful post Sandy!

  2. Wonderful post and awesome techniques. I am saving my money because I need these polishes in my stamping arsenal.I think you also showed them being water marbled, right? Yellow is notorious for being difficult to work with, how is theirs?

    1. Thank You Debra. Unfortunately these did not water marble. ( it was the MPolish Stamping polish that I water marbled with )
      The yellow applied the same as the others. 2-3 coats depending on your nail line.

  3. This is off topic but I'm looking for the Coach stamping plate I saw you posted a pic using it Please can u tell me what plate it is and where to get it Thanks

    1. @kathleen Kinton. MJIIV. (Mj 4). At the moment her store is closed. She will be back May 1 :) she's on Amazon and Stoenvy as well