Monday, April 13, 2015

MP Stamping Polish Review

Hello Nail Surfers
Welcome to My Beach
Have you ever wanted a 5 Free Stamping Polish, but never found a maker?
Well, I've got Great News for you...
Today I have New Indie Stamping Polish Maker to Share with You.
M Polish is 5 Free Formula, cruelty Free Nail Polish that is design for Stamping.
She is located in Ohio and ships throughout the US,,, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
If you live else where she requests you to contact her via Email so they can see what they can
do for you to get M Polish.
Contact E-Mail
I know most of you are wanting to know specific things about this stamping polish.
1. Do they stamp well?
      Yes- they stamp amazing.
2. Do they Smell? (is there a strong Odor?)
No.- No,
3. Do they stamp over dark colors?
I have more questions that'll be answered below.
Polish of  my people Collection.

These polishes did not stain my stamper or my skin.


These are 5free formula stamping polishes.
These are cruelty free, NO Odor, No Staining Stamping Polishes.
These are even safe to be used on your bare nails.
I do see some variegation between stamping on Black Vs White. 

I used: Fresh Perspective,  Scouting the Beach and Dancing in the Streets for stamping.
I used Dancing in the Streets as a Base Coat on my ring finger.
This is just 1 coat plus a topcoat.

Here I used : I Need a Vacation, Hottie and Scouting the Beach
in a water marble on my accent nail. And I stamped with all 3 over a Black Base.
So after all this testing my conclusion is....
MPolish has amazing stamping polishes with amazing abilities.
--- No Odor               
--- Stamps over Black.
--- No Staining.          
--- Sells locally.          
---  5 Free Formula       
--- Safe for bare Nails
         --- Can be used as a base coat
     --- Can water marble with it
Can your current stamping polish do all that?
I know mine didn't.
Check out this link -->
it will take you to Mpolish Store.
Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.
Thank You :)



  1. How do you do a stamp with multiple colors? It looks awesome!

  2. They look really vibrant! Are they leaning metallic?

  3. I love love love your post!! Great review, fantastic stamping polish! Perfect swatches and nail art too!