Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Above the Curve New 2015 Spring Collection Review

Hello Nail Surfers
Welcome to My Beach
Today I have Lots and Lots to Share with you All.
But first I would like to tell you some of the many reasons
why I Love Indie Polishes.
Indie Polishes are Unique Polishes. You can't find these on your Drug Store Shelf.
They are handmade and are usually 3Free or even 5Free.
They keep up with what's Trending.
And while most do require atleast 2 coats they usually have record drying times.
(Most Store Brands also require 2 coats, but they do not always dry fast or evenly either)
And even tho I LOVE my Base Plays with craft paints and ink, etc,
 Indie Polishes will always have a spot in my Heart as well.
Indie Polishes are always pack with so much sparkle and fun!
And I'll be honest, I don't use the Big fancy words to describe them.
I love the Art challenges these types of Polishes give me.
It's simple to art over a plain color, but once you have a  Sparkle/Holo Polish  that changes colors
and tiny Flakes of Gold in there too. it become much more Fun and Eye-Catching too.
Ok. I'll stop chatting away and get to the good stuff..
Again There is Lots of pics and Mani's
Look what's Popping up this Spring!!
Above the Curve is releasing a New Spring Collection
April 10,2015.
But I'd keep on eye out on their store.
They may just pop up sooner ;)

I Love Creating Different Styles of displaying a Collection.

Above is 2 coats plus a top coat over my natural nail.
Top left -Bloom n' on Up - Tis' the Season for Sneezin- You Spring me Joy!
Bottom Left - Orange you Glad it's Spring?!?! - Rockin Robin

I used MJXL & MJXLI for art.

I used BuNa-B for art.

I almost forgot about this pic.
I used Alcohol Inks over Orange you Glad it's Spring.
And look! The holo shines right through the inks.

I used Big SdP-V for art  by

Above was taken outside on a Sunny Day :)

I added a Matte Finish and used BM-405 & MJXL for art

I added some Gold flakes and Matted top coat
for art I used Fun 14
Above is my InstaGram
Check out a Close-up Video to see these Polishes in Action.
If your looking for a Polish that always apply smoothly ,evenly and dries record Fast
That Above the Curve is the Polish for You!
ATC all the WAY!
Well I hope no one drowned in my wave today.
I know there was a lot of pics.
But now you can say you saw the Polish in real action.
In Maco Shots, on real nails, with art, without art , the Bottles,
in Sun and indoors too. Now that's how I'd like to see polishes.
Which Polish  or polishes is your Favorite?
Thank You for Surfing my wave today.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My beach and that you come back soon too :)


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