Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Hour Collection Review Part 2

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach 

 See... I am Back :)

Today was a Gorgeous Sunny Day
and I took total advantage of it.

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This is 2 Coats of Sea Mist Sunrise
and 2 coats of Silver Cloud Martini with a TC.
I used Ready in 5 as my tc. Which is also 5 Free and is made by
Colores De Carol 

Here's this Mani in action

Just look at all that Sparkle!
This Collection is a metallic/foil Holographic Polish.

A close up of Silver Cloud Martini.

Close up of Sea Mist Sunrise.
here you can really see how much my nail curves
The corner is there,it's just hiding way under.

This was my accent nail.
Silver Cloud Martini shaken with Sea Mist Sunrise.
( I applied drops of color on top of my wet White base 
and used a dotting tool to swirl)

This is just 2 coats plus Ready in 5 TC.
 I'll have a "Silver Cloud Martini" with sugar please.

Application was smooth,even and dries really fast.
I was extremely impressed that 2 coats gave me
solid coverage.

Grab your Sunglasses for this video.

Isn't it just amazing.
All those beautiful colors.
Major Holo Baby!

I have more to share from this Collection.
Happy Hour Collection by Colores De Carol 

I have tested nearly this entire collection so far and
not One single polish stained my nails.
Not even that deep purple.
Application was been smooth,evenly and dries fast too.
So far these seem to be a 2 coater for me with long nails.
If yours are shorter, you'll probably get away with 1 good coat.

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Thank You for surfing my wave today.
I hope you enjoyed your visit and that you'll
return back tomorrow to see more amazing Indie Polishes.

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