Monday, July 18, 2016

Floral Water Decal Mani with a French Tip Accent Nail

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Today I have some products to share with you that I used in is Mani


There are a few different sizes in this.
Which is pretty cool because it gives me more options.
These can be found Here

Here is the Gel Brush Set.
I love that they are different sizes.
I used them in this Mani to create a French tip.#14
I have also used these for a clean brush too.
**Unfortunately I needed to re-glue the metal/tip back on**
****Watch video posted at the end of post****
These Gel Brushes can be found Here

Water Decals are super easy to do.
It's kinda like doing water tattoo's but on a nail.
The sheet is 6cm X 5cm of actual art.
(there is a white trim border that I am not counting.)
This Floral Water Decal can be found Here

Here is my Final Result.

At first the decal had some wrinkles that just would not come out.
Maybe it was because my nails have a big curve?
Or Maybe they are just thicker water decals that didn't mold nicely to my nail.

****BUT.. Once I added a Top Coat everything Smoothed out and I was soooo Happy!! :)***

will save you 10% OFF ANY Non-Sale item at Born Pretty Store

Below is My YouTube Video on this Mani.

I was very please with these products from Born Pretty Store.
The Prices are usually very affordable too.
The only thing I did not care for was that the Gel Brushes needed to be re-glued.
Those brushes are like 10 bucks too. So I did expect better quality.

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I hope you return again back soon :)

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