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CICI&SISI Acrylic Stamping/Layering Plates Review and Mani's

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Have you ever tried the new trendy Acrylic Stamping Plates

They work the same as metal plates do.
They are Eco Friendly where as the metal as not.
They are very durable.
I have put them through a tough test, and there was No damage done.
I even ran some

The store site says's to use non-acetone.

I have personally did the acetone test for them.
I puddled acetone on the plate until it evaporated and then I would add
more and I continued this for over a dozen times.
The end result after leaving puddles upon puddles it did become
slightly cloudy. The image still stamped perfectly tho.
This is why they recommend non-acetone.
**But you can use acetone as long as you don't soak it in acetone or 
keep it in a long time in acetone,otherwise there could be danger to your plate**
-------Above is a statement from CICI&SISI to me-----------

So, I am sure you are wondering then,what happens when I do use non-acetone?
Nothing :) It actually still works just as amazing!
So which ever you prefer
-acetone or
they will both work.

Lets check out some New Plates now and Mani's :)



Lots of Layering Images here.

Here is what the backs look it.
Lots of Fun and Unique Images here.

Here is what the backings look like.

*Now these plates can be found Here on Amazon

This is Part 1 of CICI&SISI Review

Part 2 of CICI&SISI Review

And incase you missed it.
This is my personal test on these Acrylic Plates.
I must say that I am Very Impressed with the durability.

Wanna see these Bad Boys In Action???

I so Loved this!
I used CICI&SISI The Geometry 02 Plate

My base is Demeter by Colores de Carol

Here I did some layering withCICI&SISI The Flower Plate.

My base is Autumnus by Colores de Carol
For art I used CICI&SISI The Indian 03 Plate
I used Ceres by Colores de Carol as a base.
And CICI&SISI The Natural 01 Plate
Here I used CICI&SISI The Geometry 03 Plate for art.
I just love how bold and unique this is.

Here is my full Mani.
I used Feronia by Colores de Carol as my base.
I used CICI&SISI  The Indian 03 Plate for art.
Here's a Layering stamped Mani.
I used CICI&SISI The Flower 02 for art.
Base=Selu by Colores de Carol

Here I used CICI&SISI The Islamic Buildings 01 Plate
Base is Inna by Colores de Carol
Layering Plate Mani.
I used CICI&SISI The Flowers Plate and The Natural 01 Layering Plate.

Birds on a Branch Mani
I used CICI&SISI The Natural 01 Layering Plate & The Greek Myth 01 Plate.
I used CICI&SISI  The Natural 01 Layering Plate.

I used CICI&SISI The Geometry 02 Plate

For my Base I used Pan Water Colors over a White Base.

As you can see, I have had a ton of Fun with these Acrylic Plates.
They Never Failed me!.
There are Multiple Plates in each different category.
I only have a few of the Many.
But I can'y wait to complete the sets.

These are now Available on Amazon
and you can also find these on CICI&SISI Official Store.

Thank you ALL for Surfing My Wave.
I hope you enjoyed today's post.
I know it was a long one, But it's mainly pictures :)

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