Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bundle Monster Blogger Set 3 Review and Mani's

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today I have the *Newest* Bundle Monster Plates.
(There is a set 4 as well) 
Which is just as new as set 3 :)

I have Lots of Pics as usually and Mani's too. Oh and I have a 
video of these plates in action.

I also have the New Mini Clear Double ended stamper



Bundle Monster + twi_star  BM-XL2111
 Bundle Monster + gotnail  BM-XL212
Bundle Monster + Kelli Marissa BM-XL213

Bundle Monster + nailedthepolish BM XL214

Bundle Monster + de_briz BM-XL215

These plates above were designed by these Amazing Bloggers 
and Bundle Monster made it all happen and created those designs on these plates:)

This 5pcs set can be found Here

*Now are you all ready for some Fun Mani's*
I used" twi_star"  BM-XL211

Macro Shot + Cuticle Oil
I used " gotnail" BMXL212

I used "Kelli Marissa" BM-XL213

Macro Shot + Cuticle Oil

I used "nailedthepolish" BM-XL214
Macro Shot + Cuticle Oil

I used "de_briz" BM-XL215

I had such a Blast Creating these.
These Plates are Truly Amazing!
Great Job to ALL the Bloggers Featured and
Thank You to Bundle Monster for giving us
these amazing plates.

This is Bundle Monster's Dual Mini Clear Stamper

This Stamper does come with a scrapper and it worked
right out of the package too.
You can find this Handy Dandy 
Mini Double Ended Clear Stamper  Here

This is the 5pcs Revitalizing Nail + Cuticle Oil.
It Hydrates brittle nails and dry cuticles with
enriched natural oils and vitamins.
5 different scents.
Lush Jasmine
Zen Tea
Pink Grapefriut
Spice Ginger
Zesty Lemon

I really do feel that these oils have made my nails grow
even faster than they normally do.
You can find these brush on oil pens Here

These are Bundle Monster's Nail Art Vinyls Decals.
AKA Nail Vinyls

I tried something New with this Mani.
I did a Smoosh`n`twist over the nail vinyl.
Video below

Here is another New Mani I just did.
I did a new experiment and I am so Happy to share,
that It Worked :)
Video is below

I always have so much fun with Bundle Monster's Products.

And to be honest with all of you.. I am not a sticker/vinyl gal.
But after trying these new experiments, I am liking nail vinyls more.

Thank you ALL for surfing My Wave.
I hope you enjoyed today's BIG Post.

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