Saturday, March 4, 2017

bmc Custom Deluxe Nail Stamping Kit Review/Preview

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today I have Bundle Monster's 
Custom Deluxe Nail Stamping Kit.


Love this Teal case with zipper. 

Here it is. :)
I love that everything has a home and nothing is going to get
shifted around on me.

There is 2 Large Mesh Pockets.
The XL plates do fit inside these pockets as well.

3 Stamping Polishes
A Glass Nail Polish remover bottle
and a super soft/marshmallow double ended stamper.

2 Scrappers
2 soft cuticle pushers
1 Glass nail file
1 pack of sponges for nail art
1 super soft double ended stamper
1 Glass Nail Polish Remover Bottle

** That's a Great Kit**

These Stamping Polishes work AMAZING!
I do highly recommend them.

**A little goes a long way too.**

**And this polish works so amazing that even the most stubborn plate
you have, it'll work now without any issues.**

I like how handy this kit is.
There are3 different kits to pick from.
Each kit varies on the case color and stamping
polish colors. Everything else is the same.

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