Saturday, March 4, 2017

bmc Kawii Emoji Stamping Plate Set Review

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today I have some Bundle Monster Products
to share with you that I received for a review.

**And as always, my Reviews are Honest and my own Opinion.**
I like to look for flaws,fails.
And I always come up empty handed with Bundle Monster.

This is Truly a Great Brand.
Customer Service is Top Notch!
Fast Shipping!
Great  Prices!
Amazing Quality!
Large Variety!

I do Highly Recommend


First Up is Top Coats.

Matte Top Coat
And Smudge Free Top Coat.

 Now if your like me, your saying to yourself 
"smudge free my butt, I'd be the Judge on that!"

Well, let me tell you..
I was shocked,impressed and very pleased.

I won't lie, I did try to make it smudge, but it wouldn't.
I went over a stamped image on my nail with out having
a top coat on before I stamped.
I applied the Smudge Free with pressure.
I even dragged it slowly over the image and went over it again 
while it was still wet.
And it didn't Budge!
I used bmc,MDU,DIY,and normal polishes as tests.

Not 1 smeared or smudge.

**This is a Must Have**

Kawii Emoji Set

There is 5 XL Plates in this set.

 These plates work Perfectly!
I even scrap them upside down and from different sides.
And no matter which way I did scarp,they still worked perfectly!

*Now That's Great Quality*

Did I do any Mani's using these plates??

I sure did :)
But I'll be posting those in my upcoming post.
I don't want to over load you with pictures galore, 
like I usually do.

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