Thursday, June 1, 2017

Double Stamped Splatter Fun Mani

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today's Mani is a Splatter Fun Mani.


I used Pure Ice Shine-Take A Glint (light blue)
along with Pure Ice Shine Stars Aligned (dark blue)
**Dollar Tree Score on the Polishes**

These polishes may have come from a Dollar Tree, but they do
work great. Application is smooth and even. 2 coats.
And drying time was good too.

I did mostly double stamping here.
Some doubled stamped is even over a stamped based too.

I used Gesso, Dark Knight as my White and Black Stamping Polish.
The colored Stamping polishes are from Bundle Monster

For art I used hehe 108

These plates stamp amazing.
They offer a nice selection of images too.

Base Polishes
Dollar Tree
Stamping Polishes
Clear Jumbo Stamper
Stamping Plate hehe108

Do you do layering Mani's?

Thank You for visiting my beach.
I hope you return again soon.

ps. more mani's are still coming :)

xoxo beaching nails

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