Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Thermal Water Base Polish from Review

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Today I have some Thermal water base nail polish to share with you.


I found these beauties at

These were on sale when I got them.
Actually they were FREE!! I just paid shipping.

I used 2 coats plus a Top Coat.

This is Greyish Purple when cold and Pink when warm.

Application was smooth and even.

The bottles are 6ml.
Which is smaller than a normal size polish.
12ml-15ml avg size

Because I am a freeze baby, I had to cheat and use
a blow dyer to heat my nails up.

Here you can see how small the bottles actually are.

This has some micro glitter in the base.
It's Reddish when cold and Orange when warm.

I used 2 coats plus a TC.

This is light Purple when cold and 
turns Teal/Baby Blue when warm.

I used 2 coats plus a TC.

I used 2 coats plus a TC.

This is a Black base when cold and
turns a deep Greyish when warm.

Here's an example.
With water base polish it can be safely peeled off your nails.
They say water based Nail Polish is the safest polish to use.
So safe that some places actually paint there animals nails
with it.

Here is a link to the seller that I used.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I hope
you visit My Beach again :) 

xoxo beaching nails

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