Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Art,Art and More Art

Hello Nail Surfers...

     Welcome to the Beach.

  I am sorry I have not posted on a daily basics. My goal is 3-4 times a week. I am always on FB you can find me Here and also on my Fan Page Here. I also post all my work on Pinterest too. Found Here.
 I completely understand if you do not do FB. I'll still be here to on my blog. :)  I am usually on my Ipad and I can not upload my pics from that.
 About a month ago I got an ImagiNail Art printer. I finally took it out of the box and hooked it all up. Yes its great and yes I love it. But I still really prefer to stamp and do free hand art. Am I crazy? You can use any image any design your little heart desires. Anything on Google,your personal photos ,anything you can imagine   its possible. Its a very fast process too, like seconds.Clean tho it not easy and the ink stains your skin and any exposed nail plate. I am really debating on sending it back because of these issues. Its not a cheap machine to be sitting around collected dust either.And it has to be used atleast 2X a week or the ink will dry up. The ink can be bought at any store that sell printer ink , however the special polish and IRC coatings is all special order. I have ups and downs on this machine. I have not practiced much with it either to make such a decision on true quality.Other than that I have been painting and arting my nails like crazy.
Today's pics are Mani's I have done recently.

SURFS UP......


All the above are done with the printer.

"Glam Rock Nails"
Cheeky Mega C plate &M 96

"Come Fly with Me"
"Come Fly with Me"
IP-MJ 3 can be purchased here 
"Come Fly with Me"
This 1 came out so pretty and bold.
Plates  MJ 3 & CH- K
"Come Fly with Me" close ups

"The Royal King and Queen"
Such detail in this image.
"The Royal King and Queen"
I was amazed how nicely these all fit on my nails.
And its a Cheeky plate. Alot of people have over looked  these  images.
"The Royal King and Queen" Close-ups
Cheeky's XL C plate
Cheeky actual has alot of XL plates that have some really nice designs.
So if their Summer Set isn't you,check out the other plates they offer.
Cheeky's Site this site is cheaper in price than Amazon and may offer
different plate groupings.

"Slithering Mani"
Yet another Cheeky Plate. XL D
I have had my Cheeky XL plates before they even came to FB 
and before the name grew big. 

"Slithering Mani" Close-ups
Again I am very impressed in the detail.
I painted my nails with SH Extreme Wear "Wet cement"
than spot sponged on some darker grey,white,silver and a light grey
acrylic paints,then TC and stamp. 

"Snakes from around the World"
Of course I wanted to test my abilities and use different colors.
Extreme Close -ups
See what a little color does to an image?
It really came out nice. The yellow I'm not digging to much.
I need to work on that snake more for more details to pop.

Well Surfers..How's that? Yeah I was MIA here, But I have been
 busy painting away. I hope you enjoyed my post.

Thank You All for "Coming to the Beach"


  1. All are nice!!! Yes you have been busy :)

  2. What if you apply Vaseline or oil before you print? Will that make your cleanup easy?

  3. Have you tried applying Vaseline or oil around your nails before you print... That might help with the cleanup.

  4. Indian Lacquerade I called the manufacturer and they don't recommend me to try this. :( Great Idea Tho. :) Thank You for looking out for me. I am just going to have to practice more often. Even with a machine doing most of the work I still need to practice. That just sounds crazy to say. But so true.lol

  5. Are the Cheeky XL C and D still available? I know this is an old post, I love the King and Queen mani.I just find your blog to be a veritable fountain of knowledge about plates, not to mention that I looove your artful manicures!

    1. Hiya Nathalie :).awww.. Thank You Honey.and yes they are still available via Amazon..