Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cheeky's Order

Hello Nail Surfers,

How many of you ordered the new Cheeky set?  (Summer Set)
For all those who did order your plates are being dispatched out tomorrow :)
Here's  some additional information on this set.

1.       The plates are 15% bigger.
2.       It comes in a very high quality packaging that wasn’t before.
3.       It comes with the nail art license/scraping card that wasn’t before.
4.       The branding of this set is 10 levels above competition.
5.     The Full nail images are bigger than previous set.

And all the above for extra $3 relatively to the previous set…
With that being all said. I do have some mani's to share with you.


"Dessert with Cheeky "

CH 41 & CH 42

"Chocolate Lovers"
I had to go back for seconds

"Red Hot Chilli Peppers"...ROCK ON!
CH 52 ,Cheeky Mega C (guitar)
MJ 3 & FUN 1 plate
Matte Version

Thank You Sufrs for coming to my wave. Hope you enjoyed it.
For those who are interested You can your Cheeky Summer Set Here
And MJ & FUN 1 Plates Here


  1. Im so glad I ordered mine, for the cakes alone!

    1. I was surprised on such detail. :). Glad you grabbed a set. Can't wait to see your creations