Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Duck Dynasty Mani

Hello Nail Surfers 

Welcome to My Beach

I had received some water decals from Chaos-Nail-Design-Decals 

I really wanted to think outside the box with these decals.
Most others are just placing decals over plain solid bases.
And they do look great over plain bases too.
But of course I wanted to test the waters and try something new with them.
With Duck Dynasty decals I really could of done many different types of bases.
But I wanted to try stamping over them.
Now it is recommend to apply the decal over a light base.
With an Olive Green,Grey and Black Camo print over a White base
 I wasn't following the rules already. 
So to insure that these decals would stay true to there appearance I 
used White Acrylic paint and sponged to circles in the area I wanted to place
the decal. By me doing this I new that my background art would not
show through my decals. 
Once it was all dried I applied my top coat.


I used Cheeky Jumbo D
MyOnline Shop's Special Olive  Green  and Grey stamping polish
along with my "Trusty" Black from Mash Nails
Oh.. And did you know that Funky Fingers is "3 FREE" ?
I have tried many different brands of white polishes and all
of them having the same ending results.. Streaking and bald spots.Oh and uneven ness.
Funky Fingers give me none of these issues.. So when I spot the White or Black
I grab a bunch. This is also the White I always stamp in.

These Decals do come with an instruction sheet.
It's fairly simple to do.
*Do not remove the clear plastic off the decal*

Here are some samples of more designs  by Chaos Nail Design Decal

Photo Credit to Chaos Nail Design Decal
 Photo Credit to Chaos Nail Design Decal
Photo Credit to Chaos Nail Design Decal 
 Photo Credit to Chaos Nail Design Decal
 Photo Credit to Chaos Nail Design Decal
 Photo Credit to Chaos Nail Design Decal
These are some great Decals.
There's even more on her Store page, which can be found here

Which is your favorite?
Would you wear a water Decal Mani?
These would come in so handy for those insta Mani times.

Thank You for surfing my wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.


  1. Wow the skull designs and the Disney are great. Don't know who the man are on your Nails to me they look like wanted criminals

    1. Crimals?.. Nah.. Just crazy country dudes..lol. Its a tv series. Funny show..

      But yeah those skulls look amazing.. I wanna do junk food nails..lol.. they look so yummy and real too