Friday, June 10, 2016

Born Pretty plate 26-35 pictures and Video Review

Hello Nail Surfers

Welcome to My Beach

Today I have some items to share with you from

They have thousand of nail art products and they are very Reasonable priced too.
Shipping is Free from China.
They use China Post and sometime packages do get held up at customs.
I usually get my packages in 3-4 weeks.
But if I pay the extra money to upgrade shipping than it does come alot faster.
It's not expensive to upgrade shipping either.

This Code will save you 10% off any non-sale item in the store.



Lots and Lots of Goodies!! 

The Plates 
Stamp Great.

The Stamper Head 
works great but,when I wipe it down with acetone and even rubbing alcohol 
the Dye was coming off.. How ever it did not interfere with stamping.
Just store this guy separate so he doesn't ruin your other stamper heads.

Feather Water Decals
They are seamless. But the are also translucent.
So they work best over a light or white base.

Multi-Colored 3D Nail Art
They worked great!
I used just a plain TC and they did not fall off.
I slept with them,showered,did dishes and even yard work with them. 
And it never moved.

Flower Water Decal
They worked great and are seamless.
Just be careful when you are trimming them.
It's easy to trim it a tad short.
Don't forget your nail curves.

UV Gel Brush Set
I used these for clean-up and they worked amazing.
I also did a French Mani and used these to get the french arch part.

UV Bling Out Rhinestones
I used regular TC to attach these to my nails and they work out perfect.

Thank you All for Surfing My Wave.
I hope you enjoyed your visit at My Beach.

For those who don't know yet..
I am Back on YouTube :)
I am getting better day by day.

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